T2b Odds of Making the NBA What are your odds of making it to the nba?

You desire to make the nba. You better be one of the 48 hardest working individuals in the country world. Here are the odds of you making it to the nba.

Read the following Statistics:

High School Basketball Players: 545,844

High School Senior Baketball Players: 155,955

NCAA Student Basketball Players: 17,500

Average NCAA Freshman Roster Positions: 5000

NCAA Student Athletes Drafted: 48

% High School to NCAA: 3.2%

% NCAA to Professional: 1.2%

% High School to NBA: 0.03%

To increase your chances of making it consider the following:

  1. Are you dedicated towards improving?
  2. Do you give 100% effort?
  3. Are you a great teammate?
  4. Do you value hard work?
  5. Do you work on your mental toughness?
  6. Are you giving 100% in the classroom?
  7. How often do you work on your game?
  8. Are others out working you (Therefore improving faster than you)
  9. Are you dedicated to Physical Training?
  10. Are you maximizing your time?
  11. Do you work on ALL aspects of your game?
  12. Do you work on ALL aspects of your physical abilities (conditioning, Strength, power, mobility and balance?

If you are not willing to sacrifice and dedicate hours when others are not. You are not pro material!

My suggestion, give 100% in all phases and maximize your abilities.


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Courtney Campbell

Basketball Strength & Conditioning Coach. I breathe, sleep & eat maximizing basketball players on and off court performance. Follow him on Twitter or Like on Facebook.

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